Warm Mix Asphalt produced by Blue Diamond Materials

Specially engineered to produce quality pavements at lower temperatures, EcoMat® is the desired choice when selecting Warm Mix Asphalt. Lower temperatures provide significant conservation and environmental advantages including reduced emissions both at the plant and the job-site, improved service life, improved workability, longer paving windows, and enhanced recycling- All key to quality pavements, smoother roadways, and a sustainable paving industry.

Reduced Plant Emissions

Ecomat's production process significantly reduces emissions in and around the production plant. EcoMat emits 10-15% less greenhouse gases over traditional processes while reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) up to 50%. Cooler mixes help improve the environment at the jobsite as well.

Improved On-Site Air Quality

EcoMat's cooler temperature provides reduced emissions during the transportation and lay-down process. Studies show emissions may be decreased by a factor of 2 for every 50° F in temperature; EcoMat reduces emissions by as much as 30 -50%. This translates directly into an improved air-quality for your workers and the public. Overall, EcoMat's reduction in both heat and emissions, ensure a higher level of comfort for your workers and an improved construction environment.

Increased Service Life

By design, EcoMat maintains workability at lower temperatures while providing improved performance over traditional materials. Lower production temperatures result in binders that are less aged and less susceptible to low temperature cracking, all of which contribute to improved service life, greater durability, and a richer, darker look to your job.

Improved Workability, Longer Hauls, and Cooler Weather

EcoMat's workability results in an overall improvement to compaction. Reduced temperatures also afford longer hauls. Paving in colder weather is now a possibility with EcoMat. As a whole, EcoMat provides new flexibility- longer hauls, night-work, and cooler weather- all the while maintaining and improving upon pavement performance.

Enhanced Recycled Content

More than ever, sustainable development has made the use of recycled materials paramount. EcoMat's reduced binder aging enhances and facilitates recycling. Using Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) as a component, EcoMat embraces recycling. EcoMat provides your project the eligibility to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for Recycled Content from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Insist on the best from Blue Diamond Materials! No other asphalt producer in Southern California has been awarded the NAPA Diamond Achievement Commendation and NAPA Diamond Quality Commendation at ALL of their plant locations. 

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