Sully-Miller Contracting Company and Blue Diamond Materials Support Assembly Bill 812

May 14, 2012

Action required by June 22, 2012!

Sully-Miller Contracting Company and Blue Diamond Materials encourage your support for AB 812(Ma), a bill to promote the recycling of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) into new pavements.  

The bill encourages Caltrans to develop a standard specification to allow up to 40% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in new pavements by 2014 and report on the results in 2016.  Increasing the allowed percentage of RAP means that more aggregate and oil—the highest per unit cost in making asphalt--can be re-used to make new pavements. Also, high RAP increases the opportunity for on-site recycling, further reducing energy and transport impacts.

Currently, Caltrans’ limits RAP to 15% in its standard specifications, placing California behind nearly 30 other states in the allowable percentage of RAP in asphalt pavements.  Meanwhile, the City of Los Angeles mandates 50% RAP on some projects.  While Caltrans has recently begun a limited number of pilot projects with 25% RAP, this bill will keep Caltrans on track to have standard specifications for up to 40% RAP by 2014.  

This bill will increase recycling, conserve natural resources, conserve energy, and reduce transportation trips. 

Sully-Miller Contracting Company and Blue Diamond Materials urge the adoption of Assembly Bill 812. 

Staff Contact for AB 1518: Charley Rea who can be reached at (916) 554-1000 ext. 103 or

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