SMCC featured in SCE's Power Bulletin Newsletter - Issue 7 - 2011 - Industrial Edition

May 4, 2011

Construction Materials Firm Builds Up Energy Savings

Sully-Miller Contracting Co. works rigorously to satisfy the needs of its customers. They are responsible for supplying construction materials and services for Southern California's infrastructure. At the same time, the company greatly reduces its demand for electricity by utilizing its vast array of energy efficient resources and Demand Response offerings from Southern California Edison (SCE).

On that same note, Sully-Miller is at the forefront of energy-saving technology. Whether they are implementing new energy efficient policies at their manufacturing plants or upgrading their technology, Sully-Miller continues to be committed to the environment. Due to its environmental awareness, Sully-Miller has managed to reduce its annual costs through the SCE incentives. So far, they have made several improvements. These upgrades include enhancing lighting fixtures and adding lighting controls as well as installing timers on electric oil heaters and placing variable frequency drives on motors.

"It's the right thing to do environmentally and we reap the benefits of saving money," said Sully-Miller Equipment Director John Linnborne. "The incentives certainly make the return on investment a lot less and make the projects pay for themselves a lot sooner."

CPP Annual Savings of $69,500

Sully-Miller also saves energy, money and the environment by participating in Demand Response programs.

Several years ago, the company's asphalt plants joined the Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) rate schedule. The system rewards customers for reducing or shifting electricity use during nine to fifteen summer critical peak events. This occurred when the demand and price for electricity was on a high. (CPP is now the default rate for bundled service customers with demands greater than 200 kilowatts (kW).)

One major priority to Sully-Miller is their loyalty to the customers. Linnborne says that Sully-Miller will participate in CPP events as long as it does not affect its commitment to the customers. If the company is unable to adjust schedules and delivery times during an event, it will cut back production or shut down selected parts of the facilities. He noted, "We participate as much as our production needs allow."

Since joining CPP, the company's asphalt plants have shown exceptional results, thus averaging  $69,500 in annual savings.

In continuing its devotion to CPP participation, Sully-Miller received an SCE incentive of $105,900 to install an automated load control system to reduce energy consumption during Demand Response events at its Irwindale and South Gate asphalt plants.

Automated Demand Response, or Auto-DR, simplifies participation in CPP. Its flexibility and ease-of-use allows customers to pre-select their level of participation in which it automatically takes part in Demand Response. Use of Auto-DR allows Sully-Miller to reduce its demand by approximately 350 kW per CPP event within the two sites.

Additional Estimated Annual Savings of $223,000-Plus

Recently, Sully-Miller has began transitioning some of its facilities from CPP to the Real-Time Pricing (RTP-2) rate schedule, which it will move along with the Time-of-Use Base Interruptible Program (TOU-BIP).

The RTP-2 rate schedule benefits customers with the flexibility to shift or reduce energy usage to times when temperatures (and electricity prices) are lower,  this is especially helpful to Sully-Miller during early-morning operating hours. Under TOU-BIP, participants receive credits for being available to curtail a certain amount of load within a 15- or 30-minute notice.

"These looked like the best options for the best savings," Linnborne said, noting that annual estimated savings from participating in these two programs at just the Irwindale asphalt and rock quarry facilities total more than $223,000.

Next Steps: Retrocommissioning

Sully-Miller continues to be at the cutting-edge of the energy saving front by looking for new and innovative ways to reduce energy use and maximize environmental stewardship. The company vigoruosly tracks, reports and certifies its greenhouse gas emissions through participation in the California Climate Action Registry.Additionally, it plans to take part in SCE's Industrial Retrocommissioning Continuous Energy Operations offering. This initiative helps engage companies in long-term strategic energy and operational planning.

Linbornne said that Sully-Miller's leadership in energy management stems from the top levels of the company. He credits Robert Johnson, operations manager of the asphalt plants, for his work in this area. He also gave a large amount of credit to SCE.

"Our Major Account Executive, Martha Moisa, has helped us tremendously and kept us up to speed on different programs available," Linbornne said. "We couldn't and wouldn't have done it without her help."

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