EcoMatâ„¢ Warm Mix Asphalt at Cedar Sinai Medical Center

October 12, 2009

Blue Diamond Materials teams with Terra Pave, Inc. to retrofit an existing parking lot with environmentally friendly EcoMatTM Warm Mix Asphalt at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

EcoMatTM Warm Mix Asphalt reduces fuel consumption and decreases the production of greenhouse gases.  It is produced and installed at lower temperatures than conventional Hot Mix Asphalt allowing for better compaction.  The technology uses a liquid foaming process that allows the liquid asphalt to better coat the aggregate. This procedure allows production of quality pavement at lower temperatures, reducing emissions at both the asphalt plant and the job site. With our commitment to the environment and responsible construction methods, EcoMatTM Warm Mix Asphalt provides a smart solution without compromising quality. This is important at Cedar Sinai Medical Center due to the close proximity of the respiratory units at the Steven Spielberg Pediatric Research Center.

By choosing to pave the parking lot with EcoMatTM Warm Mix instead of traditional hot mix asphalt, Terra Pave, Inc. reinforces its commitment to the environment and the community of Southern California.  The parking lot is located at the corner of George Burns Road and Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles and will be paved on two consecutive Saturdays, August 7th and 14th, 2010. The project is approximately 67,000 square feet in size and roughly 1,000 tons of this material will be placed.  We invite the press to come out to the job to see how this material will be installed by Terra Pave, Inc.

Blue Diamond Materials has made a long term investment in equipment and technology to produce EcoMatTM Warm Mix Asphalt at four of our five NAPA Diamond award winning asphalt plants. These plants are located in Irwindale, Sun Valley, Inglewood and Victorville.

Blue Diamond Materials provides hot mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt materials for projects within the Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino County areas from six strategically positioned plants. Blue Diamond Materials, which is known for their high quality products, customer service, convenient locations, and competitive pricing, prides itself on meeting the customers' needs. Blue Diamond Materials is a member of the Sully-Miller Companies.

Company Contact: Rich Shaon
Phone Number: 562-244-1543 or 714-578-9600

For more information regarding EcoMatTM Warm Mix Asphalt see our linked page.