Bringing Warm Mix Asphalt to California, One Job at a Time

September 28, 2009

Blue Diamond Materials is leading the way in bringing Warm Mix Asphalt to Southern California. Blue Diamond Materials recently produced approximately 370 tons of EcoMat® Warm Mix for Preferred Paving of Anaheim, for a parking lot at Comerica Bank in the City of Industry along with 350 tons of conventional Hot Mix asphalt.

The EcoMat® Warm Mix reduces fuel consumption and decreases the production of greenhouse gases because it is able to be produced and installed at lower temperatures than conventional Hot Mix, in turn, this allows for better compaction. In 2009 Blue Diamond Materials invested in the equipment and technology to produce EcoMat® Warm Mix, using a liquid foaming process that helps the asphalt coat the aggregates. The product goes down richer looking and stays black longer. With our commitment to the environment and responsible construction, EcoMat® Warm Mix provides a smart solution without compromising quality.

Read more about this innovative product at the Asphalt Pavement Association of California (APAC) website in theirCalifornia Asphalt Magazine: Blue Diamond Materials - Bringing EcoMat® Warm Mix to the LA Basin One Job at a Time. See Page 14. Or read the article here