Blue Diamond Teams with Shamrock Paving for Warm Mix Project

October 5, 2009

Blue Diamond Materials provided over 6,000 tons of EcoMat® Warm Mix for a Shamrock Paving job at the ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery. By choosing to pave the parking lot with EcoMat® Warm Mix instead of traditional Hot Mix Asphalt ExxonMobil reinforced its commitment to the environment and the community of the South Bay. This parking lot at Prairie and 190th Street is the largest project that either Blue Diamond Materials or Shamrock Paving has completed with EcoMat® Warm Mix.

Blue Diamond Materials has made the long term investment in equipment and technology to produce EcoMat® Warm Mix at our Irwindale, Victorville, Inglewood and Sun Valley NAPA Diamond-Awarded Asphalt Plants.  EcoMat® Warm Mix reduces fuel consumption and decreases the production of greenhouse gases because it is able to be produced and installed at lower temperatures. Additionally, the EcoMat produces a mix that is more easily compacted than conventional Hot MixThe technology uses a foaming process that helps the liquid asphalt coat the aggregates. This procedure allows us to produce quality pavement at lower temperatures reducing emissions at both the plant and the job site. With our commitment to the environment and responsible construction, EcoMat® Warm Mix provides a smart solution without compromising quality. With this new investment, Blue Diamond Materials will be able to provide EcoMat® Warm Mix to any project within Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

For more information about EcoMat® Warm Mix see our product page and online brochure.

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