Blue Diamond Plant Recognition Program

January 26, 2009

Blue Diamond Materials started a plant recognition program in January 2009. The award program was implemented to recognize achievements for asphalt plant crewmembers that go above and beyond their normal work duties to make improvements to plants and processes. The Superintendents, Brian Bunnell, Andy Probert, and Rick Williams along with the Operations Manager, Robert Johnson visits each plant quarterly. The team specifically looks for housekeeping and other extraordinary plant improvements. Based upon the Sully Improvement Method the inspection teams look for new ideas and/or improvement methods that have been implemented to make the crew’s jobs easier, safer, save labor or material costs, wear and tear on the plant, and housekeeping. The awards will be given out quarterly to the plant that is most deserving after the team completes their quarterly visits. The winning crews receive a $250 gift card which they divide among the team members.

The first quarter award was presented to the Victorville Crew, (left to right) Robert Wise, Steve Sanders, Andy Probert (Superintendent), and Scott Garrett for “Best Housekeeping”. Yes, it is a new plant, but now this crew has set a very high standard to uphold in the future.