The People of Blue Diamond Materials

What does a company that has a workforce with an average tenure of 20+ years bring to the table? The dedication, commitment, and experience to do the job right, with the right answers and the right approach. Our people provide a value-added benefit to each and every one of our customers, which makes us the supplier of choice for hot mix asphalt.  

Blue Diamond Materials has teams of experts that focus on customer service, dispatch, quality, manufacturing, recycling, and the environment.  


Blue Diamond Materials provides Hot and Warm Mix Asphalt materials and specialty mixes for use on runways, seaports, parking lots and public highways - meeting or surpassing the standards of Caltrans, Greenbook, City of Los Angeles Brownbook and the FAA.

  • Terminal Blend TR
  • EcoMat®- Warm Mix Asphalt
  • Perpetual Pavement
  • Super Cold Mix "Temporary Asphalt"

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